Who am I?

With deep personal insight I develop genuine, strong and continuous relationships with my clients.  I am warm and accepting of all my client’s experiences and feelings.  I listen with understanding, without judgement and help my clients find solutions from within.  With a greater sense of hopefulness and personal power my clients are more able to resolve issues in an authentic way and develop their own goals with independence.  I am empathetic, credible and skilled.  With positive regard and gentle humour I aim to foster a safe space to explore deep and difficult emotions.  I was drawn to Emotional Therapeutic Counselling because I believe in their philosophy that dis-ease is emotionally based and that our emotions drive our behaviours.  Emotional Therapy steps away from analysis of the mind and using logic to solve problems but encourages us to embrace our feelings.  It is surprising what this can reveal.

With an Advanced Diploma in Emotional Therapeutic Counselling I am experienced and work full-time as a therapist.  I am also a qualified accredited Trainer with the Foundation for Emotional Therapeutic Counselling (FETC).  I am a qualified Supervisor for other therapists and Student Mentor for trainee counsellors.

I am a member of the National Counselling Society and am on an accredited register that has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.  I maintain full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance and hold an Enhanced Data and Barring Scheme Clearance (DBS).  I work independently but meet regularly with my supervisor who is a qualified Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor, Supervisor and Trainer.  I meet regularly with peers to share good practice and advance techniques.  I am committed to on going training and supervision.

I work regularly in a primary school providing one to one counselling and delivering workshops supporting Emotional Wellbeing.

To compliment my work as a therapist I also facilitate The Artist’s Way: a course in discovering and recovering your creativity by Julia Cameron. I guide clients through the process of recovering creative self-expression by exploring resistance, blocks and barriers that prevent natural impulse from finding expression.  I believe this supports individuals in finding their authenticity, identity and a sense of autonomy.

I have a genuine interest in helping people move forward in life and develop an authentic sense of personal power and confidence by balancing their own needs with the demands of others. I have and continue to read and study widely which allows me a broad influence and perspective. I use a journal to help me reflect personally on my learning and experiences. I meet and network regularly with peers. This allows me to verbally test my understanding and share ideas. I therefore have a wide circle of trusted professional therapists from whom I can draw and refer to if necessary. This also supports me on a personal level in terms of my own capacity.

Previous experience includes: 10 years working in the charity sector involving Events Management and 15 years in HR roles rising to HR Director level working for a top 100 employer reporting to the European HR Director.  I spent 8 years working in primary schools in an admin role and as Clerk to Governors.  For 10 years I co-owned a popular local brasserie style restaurant.

I keep up to date on legislation and guidance relating to the professional running of the FETC Training Programme.  In my role as HR Director I was exposed to numerous challenging situations where my judgement and integrity were developed and I believe I am highly skilled in supporting and balancing the needs of people within an organizational setting. This requires empathy, kindness, honesty, clarity of thought and the ability to help people solve problems creatively and responsibly as well as the ability to communicate appropriately whilst maintaining confidentiality. The ‘tools’ I employ in my practice allow clients to come to a place of self-awareness in a straightforward and coherent way.  I believe I have a good understanding of the demands business places on us all.

When working with clients, I develop genuine, sincere and continuous relationships. I believe I am insightful, warm and accepting of all my client’s experiences and feelings. I have always been noted for my ability to listen with understanding and without judgement. My aim is to help clients find solutions from within themselves and to develop their own goals with independence. I am empathetic – my clients tell me they feel understood. With positive regard and gentle humour I aim to foster a safe space for clients to explore deep and difficult emotions.

My qualifications demonstrate that I am credible and skilled.  I have regular supervision that provides me with both mentoring and essential emotional support as well as helping me develop my professional identity.  Feedback helps me gain objective insight and helps me in building skills and ensuring I work in an appropriate manner. I regularly attend courses and workshops to develop my skills further.

I am aware that it takes a great deal of courage to enter into a therapeutic relationship. My aim is to help clients restore a degree of emotional health by improving self-esteem and self-worth and revealing and working with the client’s core values and beliefs so that clients can become more conscious of the choices they make.

I am married and have two children.

Tel: 07901552778

Email: carol@carolwelchtherapy.co.uk

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