Emotional Therapy

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling is a person centred therapy. Feedback from clients suggest that it can help clients develop a better understanding of who they are, their desires, needs, attitudes, feelings and behaviours and how these are negatively affected. It aims to help clients develop their true positive potential.

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling holds the belief that dis-ease and struggles in life are emotionally based and our feelings do not respond to logical thought. I therefore work with your feelings and emotions rather than your mind to bring about healing.

Throughout life we adapt our behaviours so that we may cope, better handle and survive other people, situations and events. We learn to be cautious and develop ways to protect ourselves from attack and criticism. We hide our sensitive parts. We adapt our behaviour to keep safe.

Over time, we may become less sensitive to our own needs and find ourselves in situations that are unfulfilling. We may loose sense of our true identity and the things that really matter to us and make life rich. My aim is to help you rediscover your true self.

I provide a comfortable, non-judgmental environment and use a non-directive approach. Feedback suggests Emotional Therapeutic CounsellingĀ supports clients in finding solutions to their problems.

I use a range of techniques that raise your conscience and help you accept and release painful feelings. Together, we explore your behaviours and look at your core beliefs.

I hope that Emotional Therapeutic Counselling will help you meet your own needs and advance in life.

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Email: carol@carolwelchtherapy.co.uk

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